Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion: Vintage Couture Necklaces

 Collarettes by Lanvin, embroidery and cut crystals, France ca. 1930, 1928.  
Images: Costume Jewelry for Haute Couture by Florence Muller. 

I noticed these vintage costume necklaces while perusing the pages of Costume Jewelry for Haute Couture by Florence Muller, Edited by Patrick Sigal. This book surveys jewelry pieces made mostly in France specifically for couture collections. Sadly, most of the costume jewelry industry in France is no longer in business. Each generation 'discovers' new looks. These striking examples remind me of necklaces currently found in stores like Anthropologie or J. Crew. Fashion is indeed fickle.
Necklace by Maison Gripoix, for Chanel. Glass, enamel, metal. France, ca. 1930.
Image: Costume Jewelry for Haute Couture

Classic Chanel combination of chain, charms and color.
Christian Dior, stamped metal cones and rosettes. France c. 1950
Made for Schiaparelli. Silk, feathers, metal, chain. France ca. 1953
All images are from  Costume Jewelry for Haute Couture by Florence Muller. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jewelry Collection

I spent a few days at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming this past week. The gallery represents contemporary American fine artists and selected jewelry designers. 

This case holds a collection of my jewelry designs

Tuesday, August 3, 2010