Saturday, May 21, 2011


A week of rainy weather gave way to a picture perfect day. The Steeplechase event now in it's eighty first year in this lovely corner of Chester County, PA, has more recently become a fundraiser to benefit The Brandywine Conservancy. There are several horse races during the day over a hilly open course of mowed fields and jumps. 
Jockeys form a line just before the starter signals the start of the race.
Race has started. 

The race is on.
To hear the rumble of galloping horses approach then see a flash of color as the jockeys ride by wearing the color of the stables they ride for is like being in a Degas painting- a spectacle that has not changed in a hundred years.
This could be a painting by Edgar Degas.
The race course lined with picnic tents.
Enjoying the race at The Bellevue Tent. 

Cheese and fruit table.
The Bellevue served a Moroccan dinner to their guests. Flower arrangements by Beautiful Blooms were incredible. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

South Sea Pearls

Two new pieces.
Pyramid Earrings.  12mm South Sea Pearls 18k gold.

Baroque South Sea Pearl Enhancer. 17 mm x 20 mm Pearl, Aquamarine and Mali Garnet. 18k and Platinum.