Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Magnolia bloom- shades of pink and cerise.

I am an amateur botanical painter. Every year the beautiful Magnolia in my garden is on my list to paint.  Unfortunately the bloom is rather fleeting. If we get a cold snap the white flowers turn brown and the buds fall off. If it is too hot the tree blooms out in a day or two. And the petals cannot withstand a heavy spring rain. Even under the most optimum weather conditions one has to work fast. I am so busy making jewelry that I do not have time to paint, again! This year's weather was as near perfect as it can be. The tree is in full bloom. I decided to take alot of pictures and maybe I will sketch out a few flowers and make some color notes. I might just get something started to finish next year.  

The fragrance of a Magnolia tree in full bloom is magical. 

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