Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heirloom Rose Ring

Some years ago I planted a single pink antique rose in a newly landscaped area of my yard. It is most likely a species and unfortunately I have lost the tag. My interest as a gardener is in heirloom varieties which are often species and usually not as flashy as hybrids. This old rose variety has five single petals and dark green tooth edged leaves and is fragrant.

I was inspired by this lovely flower to carve a new ring for my Etsy shop. Through the ages flowers have communicated romantic and emotional messages and the Rose is no exception. Roses mean love.
Heirloom Rose. M.Favre©

I used this photo as a guide while I carved the wax.
M.Favre © 2012

M.Favre © 2012
Once cast in Sterling Silver I added an oxidized finish before the final polish.

Mimi Favre© 2012

Mimi Favre© 2012

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  1. Lovely Mimi. It would also be lovely on my finger in a size 6. I hope this is now the correct place to post a comment.


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