Sunday, August 21, 2016

My AGTA Spectrum Award Entry 2016

I designed and made the ‘Desdemona’ earrings for the spring 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards competition in March of 2016. 
Baroque South Sea Pearls, Sapphires in Platinum. 
Design ©Mimi Favre 2016
The American Gem Trade Association holds an annual competition to promote colored gemstones in fine jewelry. Every year a different panel of judges picks winners for the various categories.  I’ve written about some of my past entries on this blog, including my Tourmaline earrings that received a Platinum Honors Award in 2015. There was a subsequent competition this past July which will be the new annual date going forward. No, I did not win this year, but I really love how they turned out.

I acquired two beautiful natural colored silver baroque south sea pearls several years ago. I knew that I wanted to design a pair of earrings with sapphires. The Spectrum competition is always good motivation to create a new piece. 
Design ©Mimi Favre 2016
 A quick pencil sketch was all I needed to get started. Constructing the models in silver: The earrings consist of a top shield shape with four single cut diamonds. Three graduated sections are attached with pins to allow movement. Flipped to make a right and left earring, I added platinum bezels for the sapphires. 
Design ©Mimi Favre 2016
The organic shape of the pearls inspired a soft look. I felt that platinum would enhance the sapphires and the silvery blue color of the pearls and that the earrings needed to be long with subtle movement. To me, the earrings reference the long curvy silhouette of Art Nouveau.
Design ©Mimi Favre 2016

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