Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here is Joachim Murat, brother in law of Napolean aka 'the dandy king'. As I stood before this huge painting at The Louvre in Paris, I was struck by the fashionable look of this fellow. Sporting a real tiger hide as blanket, jeweled saber, fancy bridle and pointy boots. Wow, so fashionable and so French!

That portrait made me think of Hermes which began as a bridle and saddle maker.  Today it is one of the world's great luxury brands. 

Shop window at night all dressed for fall. That is an alligator coat!

The fox isn't real but the dirt on the floor is. This picture does not capture the richness of the scene. These windows were unbelievably full of luxury goods. A visual feast.
Photo's are from my recent trip to France. 

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